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rch wrote:

> On 01/08/2017 09:33 PM, Little Girl wrote:
> > It's a proof of concept, and it uses a txt2tags tagged area to
> > insert an actual HTML style element into the document.
> Which, I see, makes
>     <HTML>
>        ...snip...
>       p {
>         ...snip...
>               width: 83.75%;
>               }
>       ul {
>         ...snip...
>               width:13.75%;
>               }

Yes, which is far from ideal and awkward compared to some of the
elegant ways of creating something like this that others have done,
but what was coolest about it was that this is all you need:


I really like that txt2tags made it so that there are ways to code
without using HTML elements, but that we can choose to add elements
if we like. The best of both worlds.
> I'm learning things - thanks v much

Any time, and I am, too. I messed around with it a bit just now and
managed to fix it so those numbers can be 85% and 15% by adjusting
the padding on another element. I also added another example. The
txt2tagsCSSsidebar.zip file is now updated with both of those changes:


The second example has a fixed heading at the top, a fixed menu on
the left, and a scrolling area on the rest of the page. It's also
very basic, but it shows another way of controlling the style.

My code isn't very elegant because I tend to reach for a bigger
hammer rather than learning the proper finesse, so you can certainly
do better than these examples. I couldn't resist playing with it,

Little Girl

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