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rch wrote:

> Thanks for this
> But rather than your «Instruction ¶1 Create a CSS file»
> I was hoping for a ready-made CSS with sidebar
> (as offered  by asciidoctor_stylesheet_factory
> for asciidoc)
> Perhaps there aren't any?

There probably are. I haven't gone hunting for one, but lots of
people make txt2tags pages.

I didn't look up the asciidoctor_stylesheet_factory, but I did update
the zip file that my blog page links to, adding a fourth way of using
CSS. Also, since you were looking for something ready-made, I quickly
threw together a very rudimentary CSS sidebar example that uses it.

It would need a lot of work to be anything you'd probably
actually want to use, but here it is if you want to take a look at
how it's structured:


It's a proof of concept, and it uses a txt2tags tagged area to
insert an actual HTML style element into the document. You could do
the same thing with any CSS and/or JavaScript you like. Also, you
could do a lot more than what was done here. This was just a very
simple example.

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