Look at your coil.  If it is a German (Bosch) coil, the two side terminals
will be marked 1 and 15.

The wires hook up to them as follows:

Terminal 1:    wire from the condensor on the distributor (usually green)
               FI: gray wire from ECU

Terminal 15:   Black wire from main wiring harness
               After '67: black wire for backup lights
               '76 FI: black wire to double relay terminal 86c

This is per the bentley wiring diagram at:

Various years had various wires hooked to the terminals but the main wires
you will always see are the wire from the condensor goes to terminal 1 and
the wire with power goes to terminal 15.

Aftermarket coils may carry + and - markings rather
than 1 and 15...  you are on your own on these, I do not have any
experience with them.

                           Steve Dolan

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