Hi, I wrote the other day that I melted my points and
condensor. Since then I went to my mechanic and bought
replacement points and condensor, he also said that on
the 1 side of the coil the condensor wire should be
the only thing hokked up unless I am running a tach,
which I am not. I got home and looked at it and saw
that there was a black wire connected to the 1 side. I
disconnected it and turned the key and nothing melted.
The black wire goes to the right side of the
compartment and joins some other wires into a thicker
wire and goes toward the front of the bus. Does
anybody know what this wire is? I didn't see it on any
of my wiring diagrams. Also I have been trying to do
the timing with the test light method and can't get
the light to light up. I have cleaned the points
seveeral times and still can't getit to work. After I
finished the rest of the tuneup( OIl change, Plugs,
Wires,Fan Belt, Valve adjustment, Fuel Hoses) the car
won't start. I think it has something to do with that
black wire that is no longer connected to the 1 side
of the coil. I am not crazy about reconnecting the
wire because I don't want to melt the stuff all over
again. Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance,

71 Panel
74 Westy
72 411

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