I was able to buy some stuff from a VW dealer that had shut down (I understand he 
originally had a buyer for his dealership but that VW didn't approve of the new owner 
so he had so close the dealership).  Anyway, I bought this vw block heater from him.  
It consists of a plate, identical to an oil sump plate (is that what that thing is 
called?) that we take off with we change the oil except it never had a centre hole 
where an oil drain plug went, there is that metal tube about 6" long that passes 
through this plate it is sort of bent such that it is in the same plane as the plate 
itself, except for where it passes through the plate, where it is brazed or bronzed or 
something.  A cord and plug is on the outside part of the metal tube.  The metal tube 
is a heating element.  It's very cool but I'm not using it because these Ontario 
winters are too salty.  I'm sure it would be incredibly simple to make one of these. 
And I'm sure it would work very well.

jdd 60 std

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