Hi, I am Tyler,
I have a 71 Panel Van that I want to trade for a 76-82
Westy. I want to trade this van,not sell it, but
something can be aranged if the price is right. 
  I bought this van in january 2000 and have been
driving it daily since August 2000. I am only trading
it because I want a new van with more power to be my
daily driver and snowboarding commuter vehicle for a
few years. I really like the layout of the 76-79
westys but wouldn't mind an early vanagon. The van
that I want to trade for must be in at least the same
shape as my van or better, probably a little better
considering the rarity of my van. The van I trade for
must be a pop top and preferably a deluxe. 
   My van has a little rust. A little on the driver's
floor, the fender arches, and rockers. The rear
corners are solid as is the winshiel area and front
doors. There is a little surface rust on the very
bottom of the sliding door and behind the passenger
seat.. The nose is later 73-79 style and whoever
replaced it did a erally good job. You could have
someone cover the current turnsignal holes and
relocate them to the normal place for a 71 and it will
lokk normal. I think I have an extra set of 71
assemblies. When it comes to fixing the rust, Tim of
Tim's custum and resto said that he would charge $350
to do the work. He also said that he could do the turn
signal relocation all though I didn't get an estimate
on that.
  Some of the things that I have done to the van are:
had a head replaced because it dropped a seat on #3,
Swapped the fron seats for some nice leather ones I
got out of a parts bus. And I mounted a Spare tire on
the front. In the back I also have a Z-bed and and
jumpseat from a 71 westy or cool fuzzy green rear
bench, your choice. 
BTW I am located in Englewood, CO, I cannot travel so
must be local or willing to come here. Prefer locacl
so I can check out your van first.
  Please email me back with any further questions and
info on the van you wish trade.

Please visit my site at http://www.geocities.com/busboy5447/index.html

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