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>Ok the time is coming close and I followed the thread about just dropping
>the engine end tranny mounts and letting the one farthest to the front stay
>attached so you can in effect, tilt the tranny and motor down? Is that
>correct? Is it possible with the auto tranny? The other question, is , can I
>remove the motor by itself and leave the auto tranny in place? I don't see
>why the tranny should have to come out really. Would appreciate the wisdom
>of those that have "been there, done that" with an auto tranny westy/van.
>Any procedures/shortcuts/step by steps for the complete imbecile would be
>great. I have the Haynes, but not the Bentley.
>Many thanks,

I've never done the late auto in a bus but I've done the early and then the
late in a vanagon.  As you surmise no reason at all to drop the tranny.
Just pull the 3 torque converter to driveplate bolts and the engine will drop
straight down without having to tip or anything as there is no input shaft.
A wonderful pull in fact.  A good tip to pull those 3 bolts is to use a 1/2"
deep craftsman socket as the 1/2" fits a bit tighter than a 13mm and the
deep works wonderfull through the little acess window.  You just get the
bolt head in position by feeling for it (OUCH watch your fingers) while
turning the fan end of the crank (remove the plugs) and put in the deep 1/2,
then loosen it, the deep socket backs up against the case and you don't
even need to hold the engine.  Repeat by 3.  Got to probably pull the
fill for the ATF as well, sort of a PITA as you have to drain the tranny.  The
'73 fill tube is a WONDERFUL 2 piece unit that unscrews at the junction
of the tin and you don't have to remove the lower half.  I'm not sure if the
late bus continues the fill tube or if it is the 1 piece like the vanagon
but I
fear it is one piece.  I actually think the earlier one would work in
retrofit if
you can find one, I've always meant to grab one and find out.  Anyway after
you drop the engine do wire across the converter to hold it in place while
the engine is out.  I always replace that converter seal as well on the tranny
as it is $3.50 from RMMW (they list it as the type 3 part but it is the same
for type 3 bus and vanagon and I think Ron wants $5 oddly) and it is always
bad or about bad.  To replace it you remove the converter and you must
make sure that the inner driveshaft that drives the pump is seated correctly
when you reinstall the converter as is shown in scores of pictures in any
Bentley manual for about any VW car (all use variations on the theme.)  It
is REALLY important that rod is correct, and it takes a bit of a shove to
push it in place.  I think the Haynes has the picture as well.  If not find it


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