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> Sounds sensible. Would be the first use of
> CONFIG_ENV_VARS_UBOOT_RUNTIME_CONFIG in arch/arm/, but I guess that is
> fine.

To keep the consistency you could add
CONFIG_ENV_VARS_UBOOT_RUNTIME_CONFIG in your board file, just like the
other boards.

> Note that CONFIG_SYS_SOC, which defines the environment variable "soc",
> is currently defined "mx7" by default...
> What do you think, do we want
> 7 Sabre/Warp7? Put it in Common directly? Afaik those boards only exist
> in a single variant, hence they always will load the same device tree
> and therefore it wouldn't be really required to determine the SoC at
> runtime.

Correct: we don't need to use CONFIG_ENV_VARS_UBOOT_RUNTIME_CONFIG for
mx7sabresd/warp as they only use a single variant of the MX7 chip.

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> Stefan
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