I'm going to attempt to explain one scenario why the per seat licensing
won't win you any new customers...

Lets say, I'm a smaller company (or a bigger company for that matter), and
all I want to do is build my application for the web.
(I do not want to use terminal sessions for anything)
I'm part of the younger crowd who has spent a lot of his/her time using
languages like C#, php, python, javascript, etc. etc.

Lets say I don't have the money to invest in WebDE, Redback, or whatever the
"official" Rocket ways of doing it are (and I probably got the names wrong).
A small disclaimer here is that, I do not know how the licensing for those
products work)
If I were Rocket U2, how would I market myself for that?

I can't see you or your resellers winning out, by saying...

Rocket Rep:
Well you need to buy user licenses based on how many website hits you think
you will have.
Each session that does some CRUD (creates, reads, updates, or deletes some
data) will require a license.
Now Mr./Mrs. User that session may stay persistent, or it may not, depending
on how you build your web application.
So lets, start with 10 users licenses...

Ok, how many do you think that will support?

Rocket Rep:
Well, it could support up to 30 or more, it depends on what the user is
It will definitely support 10 concurrent sessions.

So if 11 people all do some CRUD at once, then at least one of those
sessions would fail?

Rocket Rep:
Yes, you would need more licenses.

So how much is each license?

Rocket Rep:
$XXX per user

What if my site gets a 1,000 hits a day?

Rocket Rep:
Then you should probably start with 250 users.

$XXX * 250 = "Thats a lot of money for a database and one programming

All I'm saying is, if you want to "spread the U2 gospel" to a younger group
of techs/developers, and at the same time grab new customers that need web
applications (and not terminal applications), then you will have a hard
time competing.

In the above case, you just need to sell per processor core on the server,
one flat fee, plus yearly support

You might even have different levels of support for smaller customers.
1) Email only
2) 8 to 5 phone support
3) 24/7 phone support

I know some of this is also done through your resellers too.

I think you have to come up with something, if you want to see a significant
growth in new U2 users/customers.

You might even just have a version that only allows 5 telnet/ssh logins, and
everything else is from your "Universal Language Connector"  (oh what a
dream! - but that idea is for another posting)

On Thu, Jul 14, 2011 at 12:03 PM, Jacie Burhans <jackie.burh...@usa.net>wrote:

> 1. Do you mean U2DevZone? You should see an article on that next week in
> the
> U2 News Flash--you are subscribed, right? If not, go to:
> http://goo.gl/G1uem
> 2. Please email us at u2as...@rs.com with more info on what you are
> thinking
> of. We are doing some work in this area. Or you can post here. What would
> you do with it?
> 3. And replace it with what? We are open to suggestions and actively
> looking
> at other models but more "in addition to" rather than "instead of"
> 4. An interesting idea. I'll take it back to the team to discuss. A pretty
> big change for us though.
> Jackie Burhans
> Rocket U2
> Holt, Jake wrote:
> >
> > "If Rocket asked you what you want, what would you say"
> >
> > 1. make the site publically available, stop hiding information and
> > ancillary tools (like whatever your new redback replacement is) behind
> > maintenance/registration.  Make these available publically
> > 2. Offer a semi-crippled version of U2 that is usable in production
> > (size limit, connection marshaller, processor/memory limits, etc) for
> > free.
> > 3 . Drop per-seat licensing
> > 4. Change maintenance to support contracts and allow users to
> > patch/update within their current version.
> >
> >
> >
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