I  developed a new application in U2 and I sell it.  I am not a dinosaur.   
What has been raised is technical comparisons, but if you are developing 
software to sell you need to think commercial advantages.  For instances, I 
never sell to IT, I sell to business decision makers, technology means nothing 
to them, they want results and they want delivery within budget and within time 
frames.  No one asks me what database I run on. You compete first on cost and 
second on functionality and thirdly they want reliability.   This is where U2 
shines for a new developer.

1.  I never fear that I will not meet cost and time targets, I don't have 
surprises that delay projects.
2.  Cost of Development,  I can achieve with 2 programmers in half the time 
what my competitors require 10+ programmers to do
3.  Support:  I sell a package and rarely go back to the site for years as it 
is self-maintaining.   Their IT rarely have to do anything with it.
4. Functionality, I can do complex business functionality that my competitors 
struggle with despite their modern programming languages and tools.
5. I can put a lot of fat into my quote and still undercut my competitors.
6. Code transports through technology changes.  If I had written something 15 
years ago in c++, VB for windows, I would have had to rewrite it several times 
to handle the evolution of windows technologies.   That is expensive.

The advantage of U2 is the KISS principal.  Use the right technologies for the 
right job.  For instances front ends, use .Net, Java, etc.

U2 Basic is a business programmers language, not a computer science programmers 
language.  It is good for people who are writing business rules as it is quick 
and simple to write and easy to read and debug.  I have written complex 
business logic that would have been difficult to manage in c#.

Sure there are many things that need to be improved in U2, but to think other 
technologies are perfect is a bit of the grass is greener on the other side.  I 
have worked with many databases and technologies over the years and have seen 
what looks good to start with often hits brick walls as you start to get 
serious with the technology and then there are massive costs to jump those 
brick walls.

I am winning with U2 and that's why I use it as do many others on this list.

David Jordan
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