On 19/07/11 16:30, Arnold Bosch wrote:
> Hi
> Has anybody ever tested how Universe behaves if the server is hibernated 
> to disk ?  Does it work and resume locally logged on sessions properly 
> when the server is brought back up again?
> Obviously all network sessions will be aborted, but I'm not concerned 
> about that.

What's doing the hibernate? Do you mean like a laptop suspend?

My first thought was you meant suspending a VM, but it doesn't read
quite like that to me.

Having been following this with the linux kernel (yes, that's not
Windows, I know), if you mean suspending a VM of some sort, yes the
system should just resume with minimal problems and carry on as if
nothing has happened. I run XP in a VM on linux, and rarely have
problems even though things like "My Documents" etc are on a (from
XP's point of view) network disk.

If, however, you really mean "hibernate", with Windows flushing *itself*
to disk, that's hard to get right. You also said "without a proper
shutdown", implying that it didn't hibernate, but crashed.

Basically, unless it's totally controlled like saving a VM, I'd be very
wary of something that "may have saved" itself after a power failure.

Sounds like it might be worth investing in a checkpointing file store -
checkpoint before overnight processing, then catch-up afterwards. If
you've got a mirror you can break, you could break the mirror and back
up one copy while the other copy is updating, before you resume the mirror.

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