Perhaps once you have the initial user input, then fire the backend off as a 
phantom - if you need to check progress, write progress inf out to a file that 
you could LIST from another session

Ross Ferris
Stamina Software
Visage > Better by Design!

Ross, thanks; the processes run in serial from a paragraph list - unfortunately 
it needs some user data inputs to start up thus the need for a telnet session 
on the server console to start it; we learnt years ago it's not good to run 
this lot from a networked session!  No SAN / NAS - just a proper RAID system in 
the server itself.  The console telnet session is my main concern though...  I 
might have to see if we can start the processing off from a local UV shell; 
that might be more feasible than a local telnet session.

Kind Regards

Arnold Bosch
IT Administrator
Taeuber & Corssen SWA (Pty) Ltd
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