There seems to be a direct correlation with either system (but more predominate 
on Windows) that, the longer it runs without a reboot, the greater the 
likelihood it's running SLOW.

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Windows ? Linux ?

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> <with apologies to Jeff and Peggy...and, ok, everyone else, too!>
> My boss has noticed today that we've been running SLOW, and isn't  happy
> about it.  He wants to  know if SLOW is industry standard, and what other U2
> shops might be running SLOW.
> I told him that I didn't know about other U2 shops, but that I know a lot
> of SQL shops have been running SLOW for years, and seem to be very
> satisfied.  I also let him know that running SLOW on Friday afternoons was
> almost industry standard, but I'm not sure he's buying it.
> So, if you're running SLOW in your environment, please let me know;
> otherwise, we might not be running SLOW on Monday morning.
> (sorry...couldn't help myself!  Have a good weekend, all!)
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