Some 15 years ago I worked for a place that put together a team to speed 
up their UniData machines.  We found "Stupid Coding Practices" and other 
things that slowed the systems to a crawl. 

Tim Snyder of Rocket was on that team.  You can hire him through Rocket to 
check out your system.  I'm sure it would be well worth it. 

Bruce M Neylon
Health Care Management Group 

From:   Drew William Henderson <>
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Date:   10/07/2011 04:26 PM
Subject:        [U2] SLOW
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<with apologies to Jeff and Peggy...and, ok, everyone else, too!>

My boss has noticed today that we've been running SLOW, and isn't  happy 
about it.  He wants to  know if SLOW is industry standard, and what other 
U2 shops might be running SLOW.
I told him that I didn't know about other U2 shops, but that I know a lot 
of SQL shops have been running SLOW for years, and seem to be very 
satisfied.  I also let him know that running SLOW on Friday afternoons was 
almost industry standard, but I'm not sure he's buying it.

So, if you're running SLOW in your environment, please let me know; 
otherwise, we might not be running SLOW on Monday morning.

(sorry...couldn't help myself!  Have a good weekend, all!)

Drew Henderson
Director, Enterprise Systems Architecture and Security
Morehead State University
301 Howell-McDowell Bldg
Morehead, Ky 40351

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