You can do it just for SBClient:
1. Right click on the SBClient Icon used to launch SBClient.
2. Select the 'Properties' option.
3. Select the 'Compatibility' Tab.
4. Check the settings box for 'Disable Desktop Composition'.

Colin Alfke

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From: Mecki Foerthmann

But doesn't that only stop your menu items from disappearing?
And of course some of the nicer features of Win7 like window auto-sizing 
don't work any more with a Basic or Classic theme.

On 14/10/2011 16:49, John Thompson wrote:
> Right click on the desktop.
> Go to personalization.
> Choose a "Basic" or "Classic" Theme somewhere in there.
> That should turn off aero... Try that.
> On 10/14/11, Colin Alfke<>  wrote:
>> There is a technote on the availability matrix.
>> hth
>> Colin Alfke
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>> From: Israel, John R.
>> Disabling Aero sounds familiar!  It is Windows 7 - 64 bit.  SB Client
>> HOW do I disable Aero w/ SB?
>> Thanks
>> John Israel

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