PRC is written in "PICK" so it knows about the various types of records we 
would modify in PICK, and tracks them.  Non-PICK tools can read directories, 
for programs, and includes, but that's it.  You would need to create a lot of 
tools to provide the hooks into the PICK database.  Here, when a programmer 
modifies a dictionary, PRC tracks the change.  The same is true with PROCs, 
programs, etc.  I tell PRC what files to track, for dictionaries I just tell 
PRC to track ALL dictionary changes.  It is seamless.  My biggest hurdle is the 
4GL we are using, it isn't a main-stream 4GL (like SB+) and we needed to modify 
the 4GL's tools to call PRC.
Tom Whitmore
RATEX Business Solutions

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I keep dictionaries, procs, Q-pointers, programs, and includes in CVS and 
Mercurial.  What do you mean by "PICK" aware?

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