What you say is true, and those tools would be great in the right 
situation.  But I am concerned about the future of UOJ.  My understanding 
is that the new Domino will allow jars to be directly accessed from the 
Domino Designer.  Just want to make sure that UOJ is not going to be 

Tony said:
There's no good reason for that condition to exist.  Rocket
doesn't necessarily need to be the sole provider of language
bindings into the platform.  A new API can be wrapped around a
lower-level interface, and any language binding can then
implement that API.  So in a short period of time we could have a
new Java SDK for U2, PHP for U2, Ruby for U2...

A number of people in this community could initiate this over a
weekend.  But there's little motivation for any of us to do so.
Few companies would buy it.  If it's FOSS, as it usually happens,
few would contribute, but a lot of people would report issues,
request new functionality, criticize the documentation, and
eventually burn out anyone volunteering effort.  The net result,
as with many things that are possible with the platform, is that
if it doesn't come from the DBMS provider then this commmunity
simply does without.  Of course we have UOJ and UO.NET, but as
discussed here, when these interfaces have issues, there's only
one place to go for solutions, and sometimes that's just not good
enough or fast enough.

Just sayin...

Charles Shaffer
Senior Analyst
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