Makes one long for CrowFlite, doesn't it?

For those that don't remember, CrowFlite was an add-in to Excel that 
allowed it, at a per-cell level, to "reach back" into a Pick database and 
grab individual pieces of data. In other words, it was a "pull" solution 
as well as a "push".

I'm cc'ing its creator, Phil Gerber, so he can reminisce about the past 
while reveling in the sights among the mountains of Oregon :-)

On Mon, 6 Feb 2012, Tony Gravagno wrote:

> Not responding to any particular quote here, just the CSV topic
> in general.
> Respected colleagues, CSV is not Excel. If you have an end-user
> that asks for Excel and you give them a CSV you're just
> perpetuating the myth that Pick is a dinosaur. They will gladly
> spend tens of thousands of dollars to replace your application
> with something that creates real Excel (and PDF) despite the fact
> that such things can be attained at low cost or no cost right
> now. Trust me, I've seen it happen.
> This dove-tails with the reasons why people get 20 people to
> support Oracle when they can have 3 working on Pick.  The reason
> is that the Oracle people say "yes", and give them pretty
> reports, when their Pick guys say "no", and give them plain text
> in columns and rows and call it "Excel".
> Please don't let that happen to you.  Be sure you are properly
> responding to end-user requests. Just ask them what they do with
> the documents after you generate them. If they really just want
> raw data, OK. But if they go on to tell you how many days it
> takes to reformat the data, assemble the multiple CSVs into a
> single workbook, etc, then you have found a great deal of room
> for improvement. Yeah, I've been there too.
> Off the soapbox, thanks.
> T
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