I have a select that is taking too long.  Many of the fields are I-Descs.  Some 
are extracting a piece of info from the file, some are translates to other 
files, and some are running subroutines.

I understand that danger of indexing a translate or subroutine (if the source 
data changes, the index is not updated).  However, I am toying with the idea of 
building a new I-desc that in some way combines the data in the core file 
itself.  For example, if I need F11 & F20[4,1] and F40, make an I-desc that 
combines these and then index that I-desc.

Just as a sanity check, does this sound like a reasonable thing to do so that I 
can at least grab a subset of the data I need prior to actually plowing through 
the translates and subroutines?

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