Sounds good.

Thanks guys


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As long as all the data comes from the record and/or id itself, you should be 
fine.  You can get into trouble if it comes from another record in the same 
file or another file entirely, although it can be done if the other file 
contains "stable" data - a word index for example, where you have a secondary 
file that contains words that are not included in the index, and the list is 
updated with all the dependent indices as part of a maintenance routine.

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I have a select that is taking too long.  Many of the fields are I-Descs.  Some 
are extracting a piece of info from the file, some are translates to other 
files, and some are running subroutines.

I understand that danger of indexing a translate or subroutine (if the source 
data changes, the index is not updated).  However, I am toying with the idea of 
building a new I-desc that in some way combines the data in the core file 
itself.  For example, if I need F11 & F20[4,1] and F40, make an I-desc that 
combines these and then index that I-desc.

Just as a sanity check, does this sound like a reasonable thing to do so that I 
can at least grab a subset of the data I need prior to actually plowing through 
the translates and subroutines?

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