Who has upgraded Universe 10.2 to 11.1?  Difficult or not?  Costs? Time?
More generally, I'm addressing anyone using Universe 11.1 coming from
any other place.

On their website, Rocket states:
"UniVerse V11.1 adds powerful high availability, interoperability,
administration and security capabilities to the solid extended
relational database."

EDA (Extended Data Architecture) sounds quite interesting (this is under

"External Database Access (EDA) External database access (EDA) provides
the flexibility to store some or all of your data in either UniVerse
files or an external database such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and
EDA provides the ability to transparently access and update data from an
existing UniVerse application. Graphical tools ease schema mapping and
configuration management."

Has 11.1 been a happy choice for you?

Thanks for any advice and opinions-
Harold Oaks
Clark County

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