Along with the LOCKED you need a call to the STATUS() function to return the 
port number/pid
And then a *table* updating (and crushed) by the Login/Logout routines (Yes you 
can have a logout routine) which matches the pid to the user
And THEN a table of telephone extensions matched to the user....

So on a locked out condition your *waiting* user gets a "Customer record 
A049282 locked by John Smith extension 701"
Then and only then, do they not call the Help Desk.
Well mostly...

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ou are right, I'm a hired gun and try to do what the *boss* wants.
As far as adding LOCKED clauses, that would only solve a part of it. The second 
ser would know why they can't update a record but would still have to call 
upport to kick the first person out.
The goal is to reduce user aggravation and calls to the support group.
e shall see how the time out thing work outs.
on Robinson
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On your system", as you said, versus in the rest of the programming world, 
here a programmer works for a manager, who works for another manager, who 
eports to a committee, who reports to the CEO, who gets funded by sometimes not 
o understanding money guys.
Rex we don't have the luxury of being in the decision chair to make such 
hat's the world.
In addition to the non-hot-dog approach of actually testing your changes... on 
hree hundred programs, or three thousand.

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t does not matter if a system is old or not, you gotta keep it up to
te.  "Maintenance programming" means adding LOCKED clauses that
ould have been there in the first place.  I doubt it would take more
an a few hours; probably less time than writing and debugging some
f-the-wall input timer routine.  There probably aren't that many
itical READU's.  On my system, for the number of programs I have in
e system, I only have a third as many READU's.
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