"On your system", as you said, versus in the rest of the programming world, 
where a programmer works for a manager, who works for another manager, who 
reports to a committee, who reports to the CEO, who gets funded by sometimes 
not so understanding money guys.

Rex we don't have the luxury of being in the decision chair to make such 
changes :)
That's the world.

In addition to the non-hot-dog approach of actually testing your changes... on 
three hundred programs, or three thousand.

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It does not matter if a system is old or not, you gotta keep it up to
ate.  "Maintenance programming" means adding LOCKED clauses that
hould have been there in the first place.  I doubt it would take more
han a few hours; probably less time than writing and debugging some
ff-the-wall input timer routine.  There probably aren't that many
ritical READU's.  On my system, for the number of programs I have in
he system, I only have a third as many READU's.
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