You missed something =). 

Network solutions does not host the domain only redirects to the specified
named server(s) (, i.e. doesn't host the A or MX record

Don V.

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When I looked at the "whois" record for "", the sponsoring registrar

and the Tech organization for the "" domain is Network 
Solutions, LLC.  I may have missed something here, which is quite 
possible.  :-)


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> Pointing the WWW host isn't so much about where/who the registrar is, but
where the nameservers are.
> Network Solutions does offer DNS services, but the domain appears
to use
> nameservers. Not sure if Don has direct control over the A records or not.
Plus a few hosts frown on
> records pointing to other providers (mainly paranoid ones)... He may have
to ask them to do it, and
> possibly explain why he'd want it that way.
> Robert
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