This action has a's called "eating your young"

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The biggest problem we have experienced as Pickies has been that no-one has
ever heard of it. Now, when there is evidence that someone is learning it,
the likes of @PaulWilson shout, scream, and throw their toys out the cot...
go figure!

Whereas Java is an 'open' language with zillions of sites telling one
EXACTLY how to code, Pick is as closed as it comes. Info is extremely
difficult to come by unless you reach a group like this... and who tells a
newbie that UniVerse is Pick? Or jBase or D3 or Revelation or...

Yes, I know it is annoying for some having to be reminded we all started
Yeah, I'm all for helping people know about this thing called Pick.. I've
been doing it for over 30 years, like some other folk around here, but I'm
still not going to get around to every site to fix their code. It'll be
nice to know there's a growing fraternity of newcomers to it.. it might
give reason for companies to invest in it, and not see the lack of Pickies
as reason to think there is no long term investment value...

If you think that another 2000 pick-ites will put you out of a job, you
need to lift your eyes to the horizon. There are at least 4400 installed
sites of Globus / T24, a banking app this is growing new programmers... and
even you will not be able to service the workload...


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