On 21/06/12 16:53, George Gallen wrote:
> We use rdiff-backup for onsite backups, it creates a mirror and keeps 
> differential for
> Restoring to specific backup date images (although that is a file by file).

How easy is it to get back to any particular date? Disk space is cheap
(though network bandwidth isn't, if big files get modified). Not saying
my way is better, but it gives the appearance of multiple full backups,
while only doing an incremental copy.
> We run our nightly backups off the mirror
> And update the mirror every 20 minutes - except while the backup runs

Yup - on the main server itself, I'd probably run mirrored disks, break
the mirror to do the backup, and then resync the mirror.
> The mirror can be on the same system, SAN or another network

Hmmm... If you can network the mirror, could you mirror it onto that
self-same linux box?

Mirror the live disk onto the linux box, break the mirror to do a local
(probably cross-drive) backup, then resume the mirror. Rinse, repeat, etc.
> Rdiff-backup I believe will work between a linux box and windows
Do you really want to spend loads of money on a Windows system just to
provide a cheap back-up server? And if the main server is hp-ux, it's
easier to keep everything within the nix family.

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