The etymology question about "Q" has deteriorated into a PI vs Pick discussion.
In the Pick User GoogleGroup, it's about words that rhyme with "orange".

No one has the definitive historical answer? I thought maybe our resident historian, Dawn Wolthuis, would notice my "dawning days of Pick" comment and chime in.

"Quick" is the best anyone has come up with, I guess.

On 9/6/2012 9:19 PM, Charles Stevenson wrote:
A newbie stumped me:   Why are "Q-Pointers"  "Q" pointers ?

The "Q" lingo comes from the dawning days of Pick.
Why was the letter "Q" chosen?

    "A"ttribute makes sense.
    "S"ynonym makes sense.
"PQ" for Prestored Query makes sense. PR for Proc would have been better.

D3 User Guide just says,
"Q-pointers are used in account master dictionaries to point to other files."
UV User Ref says,
"Q-pointers are file definition synonyms that point to files in local and remote UniVerse accounts."
Jonathon Sisk's "Pick Pocket Guide" doesn't help, either.
PI never had Q-pointers.  Clif, did Devcom consider it "Q"uestionable?

I posed the same question on Pick Users GoogleGroup, but I didn't get a really satisfactory answer, yet.
I'll bet someone here on the U2-List  knows the true answer.

Chuck Stevenson

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