That is why we did not write any parser for U2logic's XLr8Editor.  You can
spend a whole bunch of programming time to never quite achieve the goal of
the compiler.  We use the REAL compiler to give you actual errors.  We call
this technology Continuous Compile.  It works while you type just like
Java, C#, and other real time compilers.


On Thu, Oct 25, 2012 at 5:37 AM, Brian Leach <> wrote:

> > Rocket Software had to write a parser for Unidata and Universe in Eclipse
> to accomplish what the U2 compilers do.
> I guess they are trying to use regular parsing tools for what just isn't a
> standard language: UniBasic doesn't follow normal syntax rules.
> And of course, it only works if you're using regular UniBasic - not if you
> have a pre-compiler or want to edit anything else (e.g. a PROC, Paragraph,
> script, or some other asset like an HTML template or data item)..
> That's why mvDeveloper has always had its own hand-built parser and syntax
> definitions that can be customized. The new version extends this to allow
> new syntax types to be added based on standard 'families' and a new plug-in
> architecture to support a wider range of tools. It affects all kinds of
> things from the comment in/out rules, through navigation e.g. by next/prev
> labels to the build/compile commands.
> I'll be officially releasing version 2 early next month - so watch this
> space for announcements <grin>.
> Brian
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