Hi Dan:

XLr8Editor has a code completion piece that reads all of your code in your
local work space and indexes it.  So, if you cannot remember a local
include does you just start typing and hit control space.  The XLr8Editor
then brings up those variables matching what you have already typed.  This
is very helpful when trying to remember what you called dynamic array
position in the include.

Additionally, both BDT and XLr8Editor support hitting the function key F3
when you are on the include to open it a separate tab.  I find this more
helpful when I have an include that is more than 10 lines long.

"XLr8Tools for the discerning programmer"

On Fri, Oct 26, 2012 at 3:17 AM, Hona, David <david.h...@cba.com.au> wrote:

> Yes, it is a vastly improved beast over earlier versions. Like others, I
> not a fan of the timeout of the UniObject session. BDT has features the
> competition has yet to add. I especially like being able to expand the
> inserts and see the BASIC Labels easily accessible. I still haven't been to
> get to SSH to our hosts, but I have never had the time to dig in the whys,
> etc.
> It is still worthwhile looking at U2Logic XLR8Editor and Brian Leach's
> freeware Windows thick-client MVDeveloper.
> I don't use any of these tools myself (occasionally fire up BDT)... but
> have trialled an early version of XLR8Editor...and trialled MVDeveloper.
> www.u2logic.com/tools.html (the links to download the documentation seem
> to have gone AWOL)
> http://www.brianleach.co.uk/pages/mvdeveloper.htm
> Each has unique features which means you choose the one the suits your
> needs. Or use all of them! I'm not a big fan of Eclipsed based products. I
> loathe the wealth of non-functional menus, menu-items that they all seem to
> have. Its weird shoving your specific tool into some else's generic tool
> framework.
> In general dedicated software tool vendors tend to much more responsive to
> feedback and bug fixes, etc. They have a short lead time / development
> cycle so are able to be more 'agile'. For us 'dabblers', this isn't such a
> big thing.
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> Thank you, it's always great to hear when we've hit the mark.
> I've sent this off to the team members responsible.
> Regards,
> Dan
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