The default format options in ED are controlled in the ED.B program in the BP 
of the uv account.
You can also setup your own Format program, without modding the FORMAT.B just 
by changing ED to call your special formatter instead of the  -FORMAT.BASIC 
catalogued routine.

 There's some wacky stuff it's doing with memory in that ED program, I can't 
figure out what they are trying to do....
Of course it was originally written in 1992 as a port of the PI/Open Editor



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Seriously though, the original poster's question was whether anyone had 
the source code for a Format program. On UniVerse you will find the 
source code for both the FORMAT verb (which calls the FORMAT.BASIC 
subroutine in files BP and APP.PROGS. The fromnt end for the FORMAT and 
FANCY.FORMAT verbs are named FORMAT.B (this is where you would change 
the default parameters for margins, etc.) and the code in APP.PROGS is 
named FMT.BASIC.B.

Yoou can change the source for either (or both) of those items to make 
them work whatever way you want. Just make sure you understand how to 
globally catalog them properly, particularly the one in APP.PROGS which 
must be globally cataloged as -FORMAT.BASIC

The built in FORMAT (and FANCY.FORMAT) command from within ED will then 
work as you want or the version of the verb FORMAT from will work as you 

On 11/29/2012 9:07 AM, Allen Bell wrote:
> Anyone who is so anal as to require a change in "setting of margins, 
> indenting and a whole lot more"  is unlikely to be someone with whom I 
> would enjoy spending time.
> AB
> On 11/29/2012 8:55 AM, Doug Averch wrote:
>> Allen:
>> AE format allows the setting of margins, indenting and a whole lot more.
>>   FORMAT in ED has no options.
>> Regards,
>> Doug
>> "The makers of XLr8Editor and XLr8Resizer products"
>> On Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 6:05 PM, Allen Bell <> wrote:
>>> UniVerse has always had a format option built into the regular editor
>>> (ED). Toy just type in FORMAT
>>> AB
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