> Seriously though, the original poster's question was whether anyone had
> the source code for a Format program. On UniVerse you will find the source
> code for both the FORMAT verb (which calls the FORMAT.BASIC subroutine in
> files BP and APP.PROGS. The fromnt end for the FORMAT and FANCY.FORMAT
> verbs are named FORMAT.B (this is where you would change the default
> parameters for margins, etc.) and the code in APP.PROGS is named
> Yoou can change the source for either (or both) of those items to make
> them work whatever way you want. Just make sure you understand how to
> globally catalog them properly, particularly the one in APP.PROGS which
> must be globally cataloged as -FORMAT.BASIC
> The built in FORMAT (and FANCY.FORMAT) command from within ED will then
> work as you want or the version of the verb FORMAT from will work as you
> want.

Allen, this is a technical forum, therefore your propensity to be with me
is irrelevant. Thank you for this detail - I didn't know this (grew up in
other 'pick' systems - JBase,Revelation,tho sometime in history I worked in
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