On 04/12/12 16:06, Jeff Schasny wrote:
> I'll second Allen Egerton's "left over from Prime Information" theory. I
> distinctly remember being told that indirect subroutine calls were
> measurably faster way back in my days at Prime.
>From my knowledge of Pr1me architecture (which isn't great) this was one
of Pr1me's very strong points - the hardware/software subroutine call
architecture was *extremely* fast.

So much so that, clocktick for clocktick, it is probably STILL several
times faster than the now-ubiquitous x86 architecture. Shame they
haven't caught up :-(

(I'm thinking particularly here of a ring-jump, but I think it was just
blindingly fast regardless - linux goes to great efforts to avoid such
jumps, Pr1mos didn't care...)

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