I've never had this problem but I'd look at the terminal emulation
you're using.  You might try using a different terminal type then see if
you can replicate the problem.  I would imagine you don't use the insert
key since it seems to mess you up (only at TCL???) so maybe redefine
just that key?

Good luck.

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Hi All,

This is a question that has been puzzling me for years and I am finally
going to ask if there is help for me. :-)

What happens is I will be typing at real TCL (on HP9000 Unix running SB+
5.2) and I will accidentally hit the 'Insert' key that it just to the
right of the 'Backspace' key. Well, after I do this my backspace will no
longer work. What I see on the screen when I enter the backspace key is
the letters to the left are displayed to the right of the cursor
preceded by a space. I can enter the replacement character(s) and they
will work but when I look at the line to check it the line will always
have: '*--:' appended to the end of the line. It does not matter what I
do after this to try to get back to what was working before. (I do
plenty of backspacing so this is not a small problem.) The only thing
that works is to logoff and then log back on. This will reset the editor
to work correctly again. I have tried hitting the 'Insert' key again,
thinking that it would switch back to the original mode, to no avail.
Has this happened to anyone else? Or am I the only lucky one with this
problem? If it has happened to you, do you have another fix besides
logging off the system?

Thanks in advance,

Bruce Lunt
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