When creating the file he would need to use WRITEBLK... :)

The "TO" syntax will create an Aix file using the Aix linefeed char (10 or
13 - it's been a while). You will have to then have to join the lines
together in the format required.

It's whichever you find easiest - or is easier for the next guy to


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I know nothing about infotrieve, but why can't you use OPENSEQ and then a
READBLK loop? 
READBLK reads the next N bytes from a file, not caring if there are line
delimiters of other strange characters.

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I'm guessing it doesn't matter if this is UD or UV, but I have UD7.1 under
AIX. We have a request to extract some data to what I call a tape file. 
The data is fixed length and there are no line breaks. Just one continuous
stream of data. My thought is that this could be accomplished with an
InfoTrieve using 'list TO' as in

list AGREEMENT F1 F2 TO file.txt

There is of course more to it than this, but if I can strip out whatever
creates the line break, I think I can do what I need. So my question to the
group is: what character(s) are create the new line when ouptutted from an
InfoTrieve? Has anyone done this before? I'm thinking I'd used tr or sed to
clean things up.


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