Thanks for your comments David. 

I left on-line for now. The hosting expires 2012/02/21
and the domain expires 2012/02/28. I added a Donate button to the main page
in case people want to keep the site around and the links to it from
breaking. Otherwise, the site vanishes next month.


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Here's some options for you...

1. Verify it is cataloged in Global Catalog The subroutine !EXIST subroutine
was created for Prime INFORMATION compatibility and does a simple check to
verify the program is catalogued only. Check out the source code in UV

2. Verify Object code matches
The VCATALOG verb is also used to verify the compiled object in your BP
object file and the Global Catalog space are the same. (Interestingly, on my
UV11.1.9/AIX system, VCATALOG isn't working! :-( ).

3. Extract detailed object code header data Finally, writing your own custom
verification utility combining VLIST verb and/or Gyle Iversons' excellent
(NB: I understand he will soon close down this website) SRS.UV.HEADER
subroutine to extract header information from the global catdir and your BP
object file for comparison purposes.

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