This was a commercial product that was at one time successful.  And I am
guessing here is no longer used much for whatever reason, hence the need
for donations to keep the site going.

Most of the time I have seen recovery it is because a programmer left the
company or changed a program and deleted the source code by accident.  That
is why I cannot live without version control.

I just go back a version or two to get the "working" source using our
Eclipse based editor and Subversion.  No more BP.OLD, no more
MyProgram.01-12-2012, no more other archive directories, and no more
pulling source off of a QA or test machine.  One time, a digression, I had
get the source code off a customer machine to get a working copy.  Oh boy
am I glad those days are behind me.

And to those companies that are not shipping source to your customers,
those customers better have a stable third party that is saving off the
source code for them in case of emergencies.

"Real editors with real version control"
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