That may be true these days, but wIntegrate has always been significantly more expensive than AccuTerm, and AccuTerm always worked better with Linux and SSH (rather than using SSL like wIntegrate does/did). Also, AccuTerm's licensing was significantly easier to manage (we still have clients struggling with the old site-licensing of wIntegrate).

Nowadays, however, we use UniObjects to connect to our servers and run our application. Even now, I still use AccuTerm mostly, and VS2010 (which I mostly dislike - but that's just the environment). I've tried xLr8, BST, Brian's but there's always something that just trips me up each and every day with these packages. Every time I get one of these set up and running, something changes or something I do on a common basis is just very difficult to accomplish. :-(

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Also If you want an editor integrated into your terminal emulator I have
always found wintegrate to be the best solution out there.

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