On 16/03/2013 16:23, Robert Houben wrote:
How you use these networks depends on the nature of your brand.  LinkedIn is 
the clear winner for B2B interaction, while Facebook is huge for B2C brands, or 
anything with a mainstream consumer component.

I use Facebook for personal connections and LinkedIn for business connections, 
and I try not to cross-pollinate too much! :)

Be aware that according to Gartner, the largest single demographic using 
Twitter is not teens and tweens, but baby boomers!  While the former get all 
the media attention, your prospective customers and suppliers are probably 
among the latter.  They can all improve your SEO more than anything else you 
do, but note that Google+ improves it inordinately (I'm pretty sure Google 
gives it priority.)

Google+ is also the winner social network for FLOSS developers - not least because of that distrust of farcebook amongst many of them. I've got a linked-in account and a G+ account but refuse to have one on facebook ...

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