On 08/05/13 20:10, Tony Gravagno wrote:
> I have news for you - they ALL  do. Other systems don't store data
> with trailing zeros because they have no need to store them. It's up
> to each individual user/application to decide whether to use 1 digit,
> 2, 4, or none. Data is stored with as few characters as possible,
> which is part  of the reason why we tend to store integer-only in MV.
> Our system of storing integers with implied 4 digit precision is
> flawed and archaic,

Except that precision isn't decimal place. Don't most apps in the real
(pun intended) world use six digit precision? UV has a max of 14, no?
iirc INFORMATION had arbitrary precision, but then they did provide
specialised microcode to do BCD ...

I once got a load of kudos by showing my colleagues how to replace an
error-prone case statement with a couple of lines of provably correct
code to output figures to four significant places. Proved incredibly
useful when they brought in the EMS - who remembers the six-digit fixed
exchange rates?

But when you're working with currencies, from Pounds Sterling where many
prices are in pence, through Italian or Turkish Lire where they are in
thousands or millions, to hyper-inflated messes like Zaire where all
bets are off ... displaying to four digits can be tricky ...


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