Oh my goodness, that is AWESOME!  That is Perfect!  That is the best
possible answer - using a tool (EXIFTOOL, even, which I know a little) but
running it from BASIC.  Yessss!
Thank you so much - everyone who answered.  This forum ... there isn't
anything this crowd can't solve.  Thank you!

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for some reason my emails never make to the group. or if they do it could be
weeks. That's why I am sending directly to you

anyway attached is a revelation basic program that updates files based on a
transaction file.

I think you'll be able to figure it out, Rich

On 6/11/2013 1:23 PM, Susan Joslyn wrote:
> Hi Ian,
> I have exiftool but was unable to update the comments using it.  I was 
> able to use it to take the comments and update the name, but couldn't 
> figure out how to update the comments field from an outside source.  
> Maybe I should look again (especially now that you have given me an 
> example).  My biggest constraint is that have been (so far) reluctant 
> to put a lot of mental energy into learning this.  Maybe I need to 
> quit fighting that.  Thanks for the idea - and the specific example!
> Susan
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> Another great tool, with a little bit of a learning curve though, is
> exiftool:
> I am using it to reorganize a large photo library (which it's awesome 
> for), but this page talks about updating tags:
> It can be as simple as:
> #exiftool "-DateTimeOriginal+=5:10:2 10:48:0" IMG_1234.JPG
> To update the DateTimeOriginal tag.
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> Thanks, Manu.  This does look like it would do everything I need - 
> both now and future things I hadn't even considered!  It does look 
> like a bit of a learning curve, but worth it.
> SJ
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> Hi,
> We use ImageMagick ( ; It provides OS 
> command line to read / write picture properties ; and many other tools 
> for image manipulation.
> Check "identify -verbose picturefilename" then parse what you need ; 
> or use "escapes" ( to pick
> Free, Available on win / linux
> Manu
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>> Writing into metadata
>> Hi everyone,
>> Does any one know how to use a unibasic program to write into the 
>> metadata of a .jpg file in windows?  Or to read, rename and write 
>> that
> file?
>> If someone knows how to do it with a windows tool I'm game, but I've 
>> looked into some that require me to learn a lot of new skills that I 
>> cannot invest in for this particular little project.
>> Appreciate any thoughts or ideas.
>> Susan
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