We have used a NetApps SAN for a number of years with Solaris for Universe 
data.  (For Universe) there is the obvious tweak of allowing direct access to 
NFS, and depending on the type of SAN, there are probably some mount options to 
optimize the throughput.  It also helps to have a fair amount of memory for 
file caching, but it works great and provides many important advantages.  A 
couple of caveats: Do not allow access to snapshots through the same NFS mount 
as the primary data.  For NetApps, at least, the snapshot has the same inode as 
the live data file, so the snapshot tree must be mounted as a separate device 
to avoid confusing (Universe) with conflicting file headers and data.  NFS 
mounts work fine, as long as access to a particular directory tree is managed 
by a single data server.

Oracle supports this same configuration, though I do not think that Rocket has 
much experience with it.

Although difficult, it is possible to install Universe a SAN, and then run it 
on a VM, which means that you can snapshot almost all of the UV environment at 

Rick Nuckolls
Lynden Inc

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I am curious if anybody has UniData Accounts running off a Shared Enterprise 

We currently have an Enterprise SAN for our VMware Environment and would like 
to put a handful of UniData Test Accounts on it.

We are using UniData 7.2 on an IBM P6 running AIX 6.1, the SAN would be 4GB 
Fiber Attached.


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