The simplest solution is to change the print width in UV then alter the CPI in PCL. You may not have to alter the print width in UV if the original developer was prescient enough to plan for expansion.

e.g. ^027E^027&l1e64F^027&a0l85M^027(s0p16.67h0s3b##DEFFONTNO##T

...where ##DEFFONTNO### is just a tag that is substituted by the actual font ID# at runtime.



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*Date:* 7/15/2013 7:32 AM
*Subject:* [U2] SORT reports line length, change right margin?
It's been a while, nice to be back and working again. :)

I'm on a Universe Database;
I have a proc full of SORT reports.

I needed to add new fields, but the size of the line is too small. I'm
already using landscape mode and don't have enough space.

I have been testing with PCL, but I was wondering if I could just make the
line longer. Seems to be enough room if I could adjust the right margin.

MARGIN /n/ only changes the left margin.

I never had to deal much with SORT reports in the past, so I though you
Guru's could help.

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