www.Pickwiki.com *is* disorganized, despite heroic attempts from Wendy, Rex and 
Tony to wrangle the content.  Simpler is usually better, but pickwiki may be a 
little too simple - Tony did a lot of work porting 90% to mediawiki, but it's 
probably too much for one person to take on.

As for assurances for the future, I will not sell or give the wiki to a 
commercial entity.  I don't plan on shutting it down ever, and I make a nightly 
tarball of the articles and software used to run the wiki so that everyone who 
wants a copy of their content for safekeeping can have it.  It costs me 
$20/month for a low-end VPS that I use for other side projects, so the cost is 
minimal, and I've met (virtually) some great people who have shared a lot of 
their time and expertise with no expectation of a return.

Consider this a plug to share information and tips in blog posts (where you own 
the content or platform) and on pickwiki (which may get you a minutely larger 
audience) as well as this mailing list.  The more we share, the richer we 

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You know, I'd have no problem updating documentation to a "wiki" site, where I 
know all documentation would go and I could continue to reference the 
documentation in the future.  The "Pickwiki" is a little disorganized, but 
since I do most of my database work with U2 I'd be happy to update anything to 
a "wiki" they provide.

The biggest problem I see is the changing technology.  Everything changes, 
including wikis!  Simple is always better, and since we're all developers to 
one degree or another, we don't need a completely idiot-proof environment; just 
someone at U2's end who can keep us idiots in line and keep the site organized.

Just my $.02.  :-)


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> Hi:
> The problem is not whether you need a wiki or not.  The problem is the 
> documentation is terrible and in most cases non-existent. A year ago 
> at U2 University a majority of us discussed this with the "board" of Rocket 
> U2.
>   The agreed with us they would fix this and show some examples as well.
> Well, here we are a year and many months later with the same problem.  
> New users and non-eclipse users cannot figure out how this tool works.
> Since U2logic is a U2 VAR, U2logic does get paid to tell our clients 
> how to use this tool and the others.  However, since the tools are 
> given away by Rocket there is little money in the pot for any meaningful help.
> Regards,
> Doug
> www.u2logic.com
> "Better documentation for our XLr8 Tools"
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