Andrea - are you wanting to replicate for the purposes of having a warm backup 
as DR solution, or for reporting from, or some (what) other purpose?

This question will dictate the strategy and what tools to employ.  We copied 
the entire db every night to a hot system for Business Analysis.  That was put 
in place before EDA was available.

You could spend a lot of resources and time cobbling a 'replication solution' 
into place, while trying to dodge an upgrade... and perhaps spend more and have 
less satisfactory results than proceeding with standard methodology (upgrade to 
get the new toolset).


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Does anyone do replication with a tool outside of the U2 toolbox?  We are on UV 
10.2.10 which does not support UV replication.  We have no plans to upgrade at 
this time but need a backup for our Universe server.  Our database is about 

Thank you,

Andrea Dente
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