Files are mostly dynamic and distributed files are used on the most active 
files, if that makes a difference.

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> Daniel's post reminded me that I should probably qualify my original
> post by adding that you have to take special precautions when using 3rd
> party replication software with U2.  Specifically, it's not safe to have
> overflow in hashed files because the overflow pointer and overflow data
> require two separate writes to disk.  If a failover occurs when only one
> of the two writes has been completed, you'll likely end up with a
> corrupted file.  I've eliminated this issue in our environment by
> keeping all hashed files sized to have no overflow and only using
> dynamic files for temporary report data.  This probably isn't feasible
> in a lot of environments.
> -John
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> We've been using LifeKeeper from SIOS to replicate UV for around 10
> years.  I think it's now been rebranded as "Protection Suite":
> It can run on Linux or Windows.  We're running UV 10.2.7 on RH EL 5.1.
> -John
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