We currently have one machine running 11.1.12 with no real problems.  11.1.13 
is basically a one, only-on-severe-load, bug fix, and even then, unlikely.

There is at least one thing that I am expecting in 11.2 that is worth waiting 
for, assuming it shows up.  I did not see it in the public beta. I think that 
11.2 is supposed to be out around Nov 1.


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We're finally going to upgrade from 10.2.10 to 11.1.[something].

But which point release?

We're on Win2003.  (Linux next year.  Baby steps.)

Release    Date               Issues
11.1.13   Sept 2013         3     brand new.
11.1.12   June 2013        38      rescinded
11.1.11   Mar 2013        30     Metadata Manager  introduced.
11.1.10   Dec 2012         66
11.1.9     May2012         75
11.1.8     ?                          2
11.1.7    Dec 2011             3
11.1.6    ?                           4
11.1.5    Nov 2011          42
11.1.4    Aug 2011          17
11.1.3    Jun 2011           17
11.1.2    May 2011         29
11.1.1    Feb  2011          45
11.1.0    ?                         23

I generally tend to not be an early adopter when the major release first 
comes out unless it has a new functionality that I have a strong 
business need for.
The later point releases tend to be bug fixes, so I am more prone to get 
them sooner rather than wait.

In this case though, we have new functionality, Metadata Manager, 
introduced at 11.1.11.
Are many users on 11.1.11?  Happy?

If i understand correctly, 11.1.12 was pulled off the market because of 
a bug that was fixed in 11.1.13, which just came out.  So not much  
experience in the wild with these 2.

Which one  did / would  you choose to upgrade to 11.1?

Chuck Stevenson

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