This is not specifically a job posting, but I do have ads up on Monster and
LinkedIn looking for talent.

At the risk of confessing too much, I have historically been far too easy
in the interview process.  As a result, I have had some less-than-excellent
hires and spent far too much time and money trying to rescue
underperforming and/or recalcitrant staff.  Therefore, I'm planning to be
much more discriminating this time around, and am building a series of
technical questions to help quickly identify those that have the right
skills, abilities, and attitude for our team compared to those who may not.

That being said, I have a question for the group:

Technical questions aside, what are the best interview questions you've
asked, been asked, or otherwise heard about that help differentiate between
the candidates worthy of additional consideration vs. those that are not?

Each company is different of course, but that aside I'm hoping to get some
ideas to cut to the heart of the matter as quickly and efficiently as
possible, both for the sake of the interviewer and the interviewee.  (My
technical interview is bordering on 200 questions and growing at an
alarming pace.) If there were a half dozen questions to open with that
could help set the stage for what may be to come, that could be very
beneficial for everyone in this mix.

Also, in an effort to keep the OT to a minimum, please don't ask me
questions about the positions here.  If you have questions, email me
directly or through LinkedIn.  I'd prefer to keep this topic on point of
your recommended interview questions.
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