Whenever I interview, it's all about the work.  I tend to give a technical 
interview and avoid the "What can you bring to our company" types of 
questions. HR wants to hire Game Show hosts. I need people who can 

Find out what they know and how they think.  And If you want to know 
somebody's character, give them a problem that you know they can't solve 
in the allotted time. You will see how they handle frustration and 
overwhelming challenges.  If they take the problem as far as they can and 
look you in the eye and say "I couldn't finish it" then they will probably 
be good to work with. If they get shook up and try and BS you with a wrong 
answer, or if they try to distract you with their dazzling personality 
then I tend to shy away.
Charles Shaffer
Senior Analyst
NTN-Bower Corporation
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