Two things. First I tend to agree with the number of columns. Perhaps the 
report is trying to do more than just a couple of things. Consider evaluating 
the various uses of this report and producing more, smaller reports that 
provide only what the needs are.

Second, I'm a programmer so I just program all of my reports. Columns and rows 
are really just one big long string with a variety of delimiters. If you are 
producing reports at TCL then a programmer could make that very easy.

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In the past I've made dictionary names that are very short to save characters.  
But my real reason for responding is I can't help but wonder what you need 200+ 
columns for?   My first instinct when hearing this is that a report is not what 
you need.
How many rows are in this report?

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I'm looking for feedback from those in any industry about your report needs 
with U2 and what tools you use to solve them.  In short, Entrinsik has serious 
inroads in the academic community and Informer is a reasonably good and 
inexpensive tool for most reports.

However, we are running into issues with some users like to write large 
reports.  Large, by out standards, are reports with 200+ columns in the output.

Are others writing reports with this many output fields?  If so, are you ever 
running up against limits in the sentence size (U_SENTLEN)?  Our limit is about 
9700 chars and we have some reports hitting this limit.
I'm having a hard time explaining to some VP types that the database can't 
handle this size report...

Any feedback is welcome.

Jeffrey Butera, PhD
Associate Director for Application and Web Services Information Technology 
Hampshire College

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