Here's my "shot in the dark":

I would check the OS tunable dealing with inode and related settings
such as nfile. It's been over a year since I attempted to tune any HPUX

Since the &COMO& file is a type 1/19 it's a Unix directory so has
limitations dealing with the native OS.

Now, someone correct my ignorance so I can learn, too.

On Tue, 2004-01-27 at 15:05, Robert Porter wrote:
> This has happened a couple of times now.  The &COMO& file somehow
becomes "corrupt" - for the lack of a better explaination.  Any attempt
to edit a record in it results in a severely hung process. You won't be
able to break out of it. MASTER OFF (usernumber) doesn't work.  A
standard kill at the Unix level won't touch it either. It will take a
kill -9 to get rid of the user.  
> This is on a UniVerse box running under HP-UX 11.0.  It's run
fine for a couple of years now, and has recently (past few months) begun
strange occurances like this.  It's also periodically corrupted a few
dynamic type files as well.  On those, it simple would fail with a Fault
Type X (11/13 IIRC).  Anyone experienced anything like this before?
> TIA,
> Robert
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